Alpha Compass – Privacy policy and Disclaimer

【Alpha Compass】プライバシーポリシー及び免責事項

〇 カメラ機能の使用について

〇 Unity プライバシーポリシーについて
開発に Unity Personal Edition を使用しています。

[Unity – プライバシーポリシー]

※Unity Analytics および Unity Ads は本アプリでは使用しておりません。

〇 個人情報について
Google 及び Unity が収集するデータ以外の情報を取得する機能は本アプリにはありません。

〇 広告について

〇 免責事項


[Alpha Compass] Privacy policy and Disclaimer – English

# About using the camera function
This application uses a camera, but it is not used for purposes other than displaying the image currently being projected as a background.

# About Unity Privacy Policy
I am developing it using Unity Personal Edition.
Part of the information on the terminal using the application will be sent to Unity, mainly for statistical purposes.
For details, please see the following page.

[Unity – Privacy Policy]

* Unity Analytics and Unity Ads are not used with this application.

# About personal information
This application does not have the function to acquire information other than data gathered by Google and Unity.

# About advertisement
Since the purpose of development is to release the application, there is no advertisement.
Also, I do not plan to implement it.

# Disclaimer
We are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this application, unless there is willful or gross negligence.